Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ordinary Hero: Amy Krouse-Rosenthal

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Amy Krouse-Rosenthal is a person who likes to make things.

That's the first line on the home page of her web site, Who is Amy, where you can link to articles that describe her as a best-selling children's book author and tell a delightful ongoing love story.

I've been married to Jason for over 17 years. Which means I've woken up beside him something like 46,225 times.


She writes adult books, too, one of which is titled Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, but that's not the reason she is an Ordinary Hero. The reason Amy Krouse-Rosenthal is a recipient of the Ordinary Heroes Award is because she made the video, The Beckoning of Lovely. Watch and be glad.

Thank you, Amy. Your vision, love, artistry, passion and belief in your work and your self make the Village of Ordinary less a vision and ever more real today.

[Edit 4/3/09: Belated thanks and acknowledgement to Wanda of What Would Wanda Do? and to chookooloonks, who introduced the video to Wanda.]

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