Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Ordinary Heroes Award

Copyright L. Kathryn Grace, 2009. All rights reserved.

All over the world, people work within their homes, businesses, communities and governments to ease suffering, build harmonious relationships, guide our leaders and compel our corporations to make conscious, socially responsible decisions. They work to heal and protect the earth that future generations might know the beauty and wonder so many of us older generation remember from our youth.

Whether their work is to save a single child from an abusive family member, to teach families how to grow an organic vegetable and flower garden, or to regrow a rain forest, such individuals are heroes. They hold the vision of a just, whole world. They are Ordinary Heroes.

Wanda Tucker celebrates Love Thursdays on her blog What Would Wanda Do? In a bow to Wanda and to love, beginning tomorrow Realizing Ordinary will celebrate and honor a new Ordinary Hero each Thursday.

If you have received the Ordinary Hero award, you may post it, unaltered, on your blog or web site, with a link back to this page explaining its origins.

Recipients may also pass the award along to individuals who have shown through their actions a desire to heal the earth, to reclaim the food that nourishes our bodies, to ease suffering, to improve communications between rival individuals, factions or governments. Again, the badge is not to be altered for any reason and should include a link back to this page.

In case you're wondering, the stylized image in the badge is of my personal hero, who wishes to remain anonymous, and her grandchild. This is one way I honor her and the work she has done for children and their families throughout her adult life.


  1. Wow. I am honored. Does this mean I get to use the badge?

    I love your outlook. Thanks for being the positive change we need in the world.

  2. To any of my subscribers who just received a revised version of this post, my sincere apologies. I probably should not have written yesterday, when ill with chills and fever, and I certainly should not have published without re-reading this morning!

  3. Yes you do, Wanda, and you are welcome. Thanks for asking.

  4. Do you have a way of creating the badge as an "embed" object? I am not good enough with html yet to do that. I can upload the picture and I can create a link, but I haven't figured out how to create the image as the link. Thanks.

  5. Unfortunately, Wanda, I do not know how to create the badge as an "embed" object. My graphic software is about ten years old and not very sophisticated. I Googled, but nothing appeared within my realm of understanding at this late hour.

  6. I absolutely love this idea of the "award". I'm starting (in fact, introduced last Sunday) something similar on my blog called 'Sunday spotlight' which will be about ordinary people doing something extraordinary! Great blog, Kathryn :).


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