Sunday, July 05, 2009

Making ripples: Three bloggers whose word pebbles tickle my toes

TranquilityImage by Sean Rogers1 via Flickr

I just discovered another must-read, must-follow blogger, Tamara Cameron of A passion shared. A "seeker of health, happiness and all things green and local," Tamara's latest posts include Food, Health, Life & Michael Pollan and Local Beef -IT's What's For Dinner!

Another greenie, and one I read every chance I get, is Wendy Gabriel of My Green Side. She's on top of green parenting, does a regular and fun Photo Friday post and frequently interviews an eco mover and shaker with four questions. Her latest is green foodie, mom and writer Robin Shreeves.

Heart-shaped strawberry on leafFor thought-provoking discussion, a sparkling photo journal (one a day, almost, like the strawberry shown here) and respite from the storms, I visit Wanda at What would Wanda do?. It's my cup of tea moment on the weekends, and almost always the last thing I do Sunday night before sleep. Wanda's posts calm the mind and spur the spirit to right choices, right living.

Wanda, Wendy and Tamara touch me with their energy, passion, love and spirit. I give gratitude for their commitment to share their wisdom and lives with their readers. They are among the many people in this world whose work brings us all a little closer every day to the vision of the Village of Ordinary. Who are you reading today, and what do you learn from them?

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