Saturday, May 09, 2009

Stand for peace on Mother's Day

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Women standing for peace. Tomorrow women all over the world will stand for peace for the third Mother's Day in a row.

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There is probably nothing any of us wish for our children more than peace. Sharon Mehdi's delightful tale,The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering bookcoverThe Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, inspires us on a visceral level. Somehow we get the power of this silent gesture. When we read the story, we feel it in our bodies. We know that standing silently, one by one, is enough.

Spare five minutes and stand for peace with your family and friend's at 1 PM tomorrow your local time. That's all it takes. This explains why.

Though a year old, the primal necessity of the message has not changed, don't you agree?

Five minutes of silence. Stand alone. Stand with your family and friends. Stand on the courthouse steps. Stand in your backyard. Bring a bell to mark the beginning of your stand and the end. Afterward, use your action as a springboard for discussion with your loved ones. How much do you want peace in the world? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Maybe what you'll ask for this Mother's Day is peace. That's the Ordinary thing to do.


  1. The calender I have at home has these little inspiring one-liners for each month. And I had very much like the one for April. It said "Silence is the greatest treasure of life."
    It is true in so many ways. As you suggest in your post, it can be very effective to symbolise something. Other times, it bring one closer to their inner self, away from the world out there.

  2. I was in a cemetary on Standing Women's Day (not mother's day in the UK). It was nice actually. Beautiful sunny spring day, bird song and gorgeous trees.

    It felt right, if a bit unorthodox and completely unplanned. We'd had to go through to town and decided to take a walk up Tonahurich. I'll be posting photos soon.

  3. Radiance, thank you for sharing the silence quote. Bombarded as we are with stimulation from every direction, I do treasure silence.

    Michelle, your post on standing in the cemetery is as poignant as your images are lovely. I encourage everyone to jump to your blog and read it.

  4. Thank you Grace, you live up to your name.


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