Sunday, May 10, 2009

Five minutes

There's no time like the present to begin a new habit, so yeah, though I stood for peace earlier today, I set my phone to tone a bell one minute before six each evening. When it went off, I was surprised, momentarily forgetting what it was about. My sweetheart and I were watching a video. It's about a man who has endured grave injustice. All the people in his life are affected one way and another. The acting is very good.

Standing in my bedroom, I tried to be present with the golden evening sunlight illuminating houses on the hill. My left shoulder was painful with tension, my hands in loose fists. My brain felt tight against my skull, and I was full of the pained and strained faces of the video, their suffering so visible. My heart hurt, but not with the delicious feeling of the morning sky. It really hurt this time. I felt squeezed.

This is what I do for entertainment and relaxation--watch a fictional story of a terrible miscarriage of justice. Judging by the state of my body, this is not healthy R&R. For most of the five minutes, I had to focus on my breathing, as in the Ten Minute Meditation, just to reach a state of peace. The time was short, but I feel calmer now. Pain in shoulder gone. I'm forgoing the rest of the video.


  1. I've become vigilant about what I let into my consciousness for entertainment purposes. No violence is tolerated at all, but sometimes I still succomb to snarkiness.

  2. Choosing movies has become a challenge. Violence is out. Drugs are out. Crimes are out. Sexual abuse is out. Majorly dysfunctional relationships are out. Having worked with people on their dysfunctional issues for more than 25 years, I don't find it entertaining or educational to expose myself to such films.

    When I walk down the aisle at the video store or peruse the online catalog, I find that very few options remain after running them through these filters.

    However, the remaining choices are well worth it. As I look through my list of rated movies in my history, MOST of them are above 3 stars.

    And I feel better for it. I support my values with my dollars that way.

  3. Michelle, you gave me a giggle. Thanks! Finding anything without some gratuitous violence is difficult, isn't it?

    Wanda, the criteria you listed are the reasons I have very little interest in many films today. I'm looking forward to Amy Rosenthal-Krouse's Beckoning of Lovely film when it comes out. Can't wait to see how it's received.


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