Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recycle your cell phones here ...

Old cell phone
Last week, in It's time to recycle your old cell phones, we discovered we could save enough energy every year to power 18,500 homes simply by recycling our 100 million old cell phones instead of discarding them.

Blogger/Tweeter beinggreener did us all a favor and found four companies who are making it very easy for us to do so. Please support beinggreener by visiting her post, Can you hear me now… recycling, and linking to these sites from there.

If you can't take that extra moment, or your computer is very slow, the four companies include AT&T, who provides free shipping labels for the Cell Phones for Soldiers program; Sprint, who offers a buy-back program and a $$ credit; T-Mobile, who uses recycled phone funds to support programs working with children; and Verizon Wireless, which gives re-purposed cell phones to organizations working to prevent domestic violence.

How do you imagine the people in the world of Ordinary communicate? I'm serious. I'd very much like your ideas and input. Extended discussion encouraged!


  1. Excellent! I have so many things like this I'd like to recycle.

    I got so mad when the printer ink I buy no longer contained an envelope so I could send the old cartridges back for recycling. I'm still saving them, I need to Google HP and find out what the heck the deal is now.

  2. Hi Genie, if your HP printer cartridges don't come with a re-send envelope, HP will send you a supply of postage-paid envelopes designed to hold up to two cartridges. They're free, and you can order them through HP's Planet Partners Recycling Program.


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