Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is your garden on on the World Food Garden Map?

Small Food Gardens MapAll over the world, people are growing their own--food, that is.

If you're growing your own food, be it a full-scale garden, in a co-op or shared plot, or in a flower box under your window, the World Food Garden wants to put your garden on the map. You can zero in on gardens in your area to see who is growing food in your neck of the woods and what type. Each carrot on the map is a garden. A red carrot represents a personal garden, a yellow carrot a community garden. Gardeners sharing or selling seeds have gray carrots.

WorldFoodGarden.org was founded under the premise that many of the world's current issues- environmental, economic, and political, would be much alleviated if everyone in the world tended their own small garden.

World Food Garden

If you're not growing your own food yet, but think you might like to, the World Food Garden offers plenty of help to get you started. Gardeners are a chatty bunch and love to talk dirt.

At this time, the World Food Garden team is a team of one. Thank you, Eve Sibley, for providing this invaluable resource and connecting gardeners all over the globe. Growing and sharing our own food is perhaps the ultimate act of personal responsibility.

It doesn't get much more Ordinary than that.


  1. Thanks for the link to an informative and inspiring site. If I can convince the gophers and birds to share some of our garden with us, we might actually get to eat something! A great post for this glorious spring time. Thanks

  2. P.S. I like your new profile and radiant photo!


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