Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you eat meat after watching this video?

I eat meat, eggs, milk products. Do you? If you are a fan of The Village of Ordinary and the gentle lifestyle it models, please watch The Transformation of Animals into Food.

Beware. The video includes near heart-stopping footage of the animals who supply the eggs we scramble with peppers, onion and cheese; the milk from which the cheese is made and that we feed our children and pour into our coffee; the plump chicken legs, spicy wings, wholesome heart-healthy skinless breasts, crispy bacon, juicy ribs, fast-food burgers, and well-marbled T-bones with which we nourish our bodies and tickle our taste buds. Yum. Or is it?

Can you stomach it? The need for Ordinary grows greater and more personal every day.

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