Monday, December 01, 2008

Watch and be amazed: The Story of Stuff

In a comment on What if we stopped pouring our cash into the giant pool of money, blogger Carrie Wilson Link reminds us of the Story of Stuff video.

Here's a teaser. After you watch it, follow the link above to view the whole thing. It's twenty minutes and well worth your time.

In ecovillages like Ordinary, conspicuous, frequent consumption is extraordinary. Stewards of the land, villagers tend it carefully. They understand Nature's cycles and consider themselves a part of Nature and her patterns.

This is nothing new. Humankind lived in harmony with Nature for millenia. The question is: How do we return to a less extractive, less consumptive, more healing lifestyle? What would we have to give up? What would we gain? Imagine a world without malls, without endless ribbons of freeway traffic. Imagine a world so quiet you can hear crickets and peepers at night, so dark the stars pop from the velvet sky almost into your hand.

Imagine a world with no mega corporations, no corporate greed, a world where individuals' natural tendency to compassion for one another and care of the earth who feeds us is second nature. Imagine a world like Ordinary. Can you?


  1. Heck, I think companies ought to be fined for too much packaging on their products. When you buy something that has more packaging than product, that's just insane. If all we did was stop buying anything that had more packaging than was absolutely necessary we could make a remarkable difference. And that's just one tiny thing we could do.

    I laughed when the video got to the part about the huge monitor. My monitor really does look like a washing machine! It's enormous! I've had it for ages. Got it when my husband's mother's office upgraded their puters. Works for me! If I had extra space on my desk I'd just put stuff on it anyway--more STUFF. Stuff I don't need.


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