Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Talking up green jobs

With the stock market tanking and bank after bank failing, lots of people are peeing-their-pants scared right now. The haves are trying to figure out how to get richer with the bailout and, failing that, how to recover their losses. The have-nots are trying to figure out how to pay the rent and the heating bills this winter, keep the lights on and the kids in shoes that fit.

Most of us between are wondering how to protect ourselves. If the haves have stolen our retirement funds, and if it's true there aren't enough workers to provide social security for the baby boomers, now that the government has borrowed against our SS funds for the next three hundred years or so, will we spend our declining years begging for handouts on the streets?

How bad will it get before it gets better? More importantly, what can possibly make it better?

Part of the answer lies in green collar jobs.

Green Jobs Now posters

Green for All sorts the talking points for green collar jobs this way.

  • Green collar jobs rebuild a strong middle class
  • Green collar jobs provide pathways out of poverty
  • Green collar jobs require some new skills (and some new thinking about old skills
  • Green collar jobs tend to be local jobs
  • Green collar jobs save Planet Earth

Now that's an Ordinary solution. For more depth on each of these points, go to Green for All now.


  1. did you listen to the NPR program, The Giant Pool of Money? (I linked to it)

    I need to listen again and think till smoke pours from my ears, but I think I heard something really revolutionary "between the lines" of what they said....

    and it could make a huge difference in Ordinary.

    Listen, don't pay as much attention to the stories and anecdotes, but to the way they describe the overall pool of money and how it came to be. If I'm not smoking crack, that's where the answer is.

  2. Excellent link, Hayden. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. Everyone should hear this explanation of how we got to where we are in this so-called economic crisis. Watch for a new post tomorrow on the subject, and if time permits, more later this week.

    Please also share more of your thoughts on the subject. This is way too important to miss.


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