Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Making lemonade

Inevitably, no matter how much we love and and cherish one another, a little bitterness comes between us at times.

Bitter is good. It wakes up the taste buds, gets the saliva going. Just the thought of digging into the peel of a bright yellow lemon sets your mouth watering, doesn't it? Squeeze, add sugar, fresh, clean water, and you've got yourself one of the most delicious beverages known to humankind.

If a little bitterness has come into your life today, dilute it, sweeten it, and enjoy. For me, Ilana Yahav's sand fantasy is just the sugar I needed after two very difficult days. Perhaps it will help to sweeten your cup as well. One thing is certain, you'll feel better after watching.

To all creatures everywhere suffering from some sleight, imagined or real, from a misunderstanding or ongoing difficulty you just can't seem to work through, I send love. May you feel as loved as a newborn babe, cradled for the first time in its mama's arms. May you feel as safe and warm. May you never doubt that love surrounds you, persistently and as and freely as the air you breathe.

Blessed be.


  1. She is amazing, isn't she? Thanks for sharing this video and also for your love wishes. We all need a little sweetness in our life sometimes.

    Stay well

    Lc from South Africa

  2. I agree with you elsie . she is really amazing.

  3. Lovely video, but I preferred the words. I have been sitting with a bitterness in my extended family circle and you just gave me solution - sweeten it up.

    Thank you Grace



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