Friday, May 02, 2008

What underlies every decision about the world of Ordinary?

These basic premises underlie every decision I make about activities, lifestyles, and relationships in the world of the Village of Ordinary today.
  1. Timeframe: Now. Rose and I write on the same day.
  2. Principle thesis: A society that raises its children in a loving, supportive environment that honors their individual natures and teaches them to respect themselves, others, and the Earth produces productive, healthy, self-actualized adults capable of living harmoniously with all other creatures and with the earth. That's a mouthful. Let's break it down.
    1. Earth care: Taught from early childhood, all human beings understand their deep connection to the Earth and the interdependent role of each system on any other system.
    2. Conflict resolution: A given. The people of Ordinary, and the rest of the world, have lived in peace and harmony for a long time and are highly skilled at resolving conflict immediately.
    3. Population control: Like the Ladakh, villagers the world over regulate their populations so they do not require more than the land can give them.Every child born is keenly desired, welcomed and celebrated.
    4. Contributions of the elderly: Like the Ladakh, the old are venerated for their wisdom and loved as deeply as the youngest child.
  3. Lifestyle
    1. There is no money system. There is no barter system. Each individual supports the larger community with time, energy, skills, and talents according to their ability.
    2. Like the Ladakh, people in the world of Ordinary smile and laugh much.
    3. Diversity is not feared, but celebrated.
    4. Architecture and agriculture are based on available resources and climate conditions.
    5. Craftmanship and art are key components of any design.
    6. Music, dancing and celebrations are common.
    7. Efficient use of resources leaves much time for pursuing individual passions, for solitude, and for time with family and friends.
Overriding thesis: Love is always the answer.

What would happen in the world we know if that guiding principle were Ordinary in all our lives?

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