Thursday, May 01, 2008

Making the shift

It's so easy to feel despair at the possibility of achieving peace in our violent world. Have you noticed that the people of the Village of Ordinary never mention peace in the context of violence and war? Rose gives gratitude for many things, but never for the absence of human-on-human hatred and suffering. Many of you tell me you cannot imagine a world like that, but you can, if you stretch a bit. People all over the world imagine it.

And they're doing something about it. Small ways. Bigger ways. Each what they can.

Watch what happens in this video from World Peace Emerging. Feel the shift in your body when the movie shifts.

Did you feel it? Real people, determined in some way to make peace in the corner of the world they live. You recognize some of them. Yes? Others you've never seen before. Isn't it exciting? Millions of us are making the shift, one prayer, one meditation, one kindness, one gift, one letter to our lawmakers, one act of forgiveness, one act of compassion, one moment of choice, one friendly smile at a time.

If all you've got today is a smile, share it. You can't get more Ordinary than that.

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