Thursday, May 08, 2008

Grameen Foundation--Ending poverty one micro-loan at a time

Ten percent of earnings I receive from my Squidoo lenses goes straight to Grameen Foundation because of the tremendous contribution they are making to ending poverty and creating peace in the world.

They do this through microfinancing, or making loans of as little as $100 to people in third world countries. These loans help individuals, mostly women, to start businesses whose income feeds, clothes and schools their children. Why are most of the recipients women? Because the Grameen Foundation discovered that women were more successful, not only at raising themselves from poverty, but in bringing their entire community or village with them.

Think $100 or $500 is too small to start a business? Take a look.

Amazing? Such programs--and their success stories--are becoming more and more Ordinary every day. Sometimes it pays to think small.

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