Friday, May 09, 2008

Get up and do it

I started out this week discussing love and how love is what it takes to make a place like the Village of Ordinary work. When we are loved from the get-go, we feel confident and strong. We know ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses. We know how best to contribute to society and the greater good. When we feel loved, we are at peace.

To show Village of Ordinary-like love at work in the world today, I explored a few people and organizations who are taking care of themselves and the world around them. I took you to Africa where Erna and Mark, Emmy Moshi, Chief Ntutu and others with love, determination and passion are building schools and desks and clean water supplies. These four are working to save girls whose parents sell them into slavery to improve the family's standard of living.

I introduced you to, and invited you to stand with grandmothers and their families all over the world on Mothers Day, May 11, at 1 pm your local time, anywhere you wish to stand, for five minutes. We're standing for peace. You can learn where people are standing near you here.

I shared with you the Grameen Foundation, which is helping people in third world countries lift themselves from poverty. The Grameen Foundation and the Grameen Bank provide tiny loans, often as little as $100 to individuals to build businesses in their communities. Ninety-seven percent of the recipients repay their loans, and the money is recycled to other families.

Finally, I introduced you to two remarkable individuals, Paul Potts and Jody Williams, ordinary citizens who, in doing what they felt impelled to do, achieved extraordinary things.

I'd very much like to know what you thought of these posts. Did they encourage you to pursue your own passions in some way? Did you perhaps see how one person can make a big difference, or how believing in yourself enough to keep doing what you love can change your life?

Knowing ourselves well enough to commit to our dreams is what Ordinary is all about. What are your dreams? What do you love most to do? Get up and do it! (Then come back and leave a comment about it here.)

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