Sunday, May 25, 2008

Edible balcony

This is the last in our series on permaculture gardening. In this vid, feralkevin nibbles freshly picked tea leaves, campanula and nasturtium he grows in pots in his tiny balcony garden. He includes this disclaimer with his video, and I add it in its entirety.

DISCLAIMER: This posting does not claim to be an instructional guide to eating wild plants. Never eat a plant unless you're completely sure of its edibility, and do not use this posting or other feralkevin postings to identify plants.

So what do you think of his fertilizer source?

Coming up next: In comments on Would you trade your daughter for a cow, Anonymous asks for examples of ordinary people creating an Ordinary world in her/his hometown, San Francisco. There are plenty. I'll introduce you to three of them beginning tomorrow.

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