Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloggers united for human rights May 15, 2008

Bloggers UniteToday bloggers all over the world are writing about human rights abuses wherever they see them, feel them, know of them. There is much to tell.

I'm staying close to home. Jarvenpa is a blogger/bookstore owner in Northern California. She writes so compellingly of her friends living on the edge that I would rather you read her post, Where we are at home. Go there. Read. You'll be glad you did. How many people do you know who are one paycheck away from homelessness? How many do you know who could not meet their rent or mortgage payments if the economy soured just a little more? Where would they sleep?

I don't have the answers to homelessness, but I know there is something wrong when our society puts people with mental illness on the street with no safety net under them. I know there is something wrong when society demands that the homeless find another neighborhood to lie down and rest, not under their bridge, their overpass, their doorway. I treasure the example Jarvenpa sets for us all. How Ordinary can we make that example in each of our lives?


  1. I'll go read the article now. I live in Las Vegas and our lovely mayor actually made being homeless a crime and would bus the homeless away from the strip to a town over the border in California. Isn't that nice of him?


  2. I've been reading many of your posts, doing quite a bit of thinking, Grace. So much to think about, digest, lots to learn here. I see you have something on the Grameen bank too.

  3. Lisa McGlaun, it's terrifying to think that the elected official of a city would consider busing and dumping a solution to his homeless problem. Sure, there are always grifters, but I wonder how hard he'd have to make his heart to do that to his own daughter, son, mother, father, brother sister. There has to be another way.

    Guyana-Gyal, thank you, and I'm enjoying your blog, too. Spicy! And so much more. Yes, ten percent of the proceeds for all my Squidoo lenses go to the Grameen Foundation, off the top.


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