Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where I've been

While I've been away from this blog and the Village of Ordinary, I've been busy researching background and posting the results on Squidoo. Here's some of what you'll find there to help you build an Ordinary in your life.
These include choosing products made of sustainable crops like bamboo and organic cotton--products that don't hurt the people manufacturing them, are safe for the environment and safe for you and your family.

They include choosing more sustainable (and time-saving) ways to mow and care for our lawns. (Do you grasscycle?)

They include keeping our spirits clear and centered through a simple ten-minute meditation you can do anywhere, any time.

Take a look at some of these pages and tell me what you think of them. You can leave a comment right there on the page, if you like, or you can come back here and tell me. Of course, you're welcome to do both!

Up next: Where I'm going (tag along!)

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