Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tap, tap, tap

So I keep working with this concept of replacing the need for vengeance with love. Guess what! It's working!

The more I let go of my fear and loathing and respond to Brenda (not her real name, but time I gave her one) with loving kindness, the more frequently I succeed. Lately, I care less about her behavior toward me, and a whole lot more about my behavior toward her.

Lately, I see her more as a human being who is trying as best she can to be the best person she can.

Trust me: it's not easy. Baby steps are giant leaps compared to my micro-steps, but you can measure the distance all the same.

One big help the past couple of weeks is Life Coach Wanda Tucker's First Aid for Trauma technique.

This is something I need privacy for--I can't stop wherever I am and do it on the spot--so I have to take a few minutes to get away, but it works!

When I am hurt or betrayed and the tooth-grinding, eye-squinting, stomach-churning anger rises, I step behind closed doors and tap.

Try it! Let me know how it works for you next time you feel hurt or betrayed or just plain out of sorts.

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