Thursday, August 18, 2005

When is a friend food--i

Do people eat meat in Ordinary? If they do, how do they obtain their meat? How does the community sustain joy if it must kill to sustain life?

What about clothing, shoes, heavy-duty straps, belts? Where do these things come from? Is wool gathered for warm winter sweaters against the fog-chilled air? Do people collect feathers for ornaments?

How do people who eat only vegetables and fruits work alongside people who love the taste of meat?

Do the meat-eating villagers eat only wild meat, caught by hunting? Do they raise animals for food? Who does the killing? Who butchers the animal, cleans the hide, gleans tools and collects the offal for fertilizer?

How do the villagers deal with the death of an animal?

These are some of the questions rocking around in my head as Rose began relating the story of Bonnie's death.


  1. For myself... I look to nature. Nature is pure. The eagle kills the rabbit without malice, spite or guilt. He takes what he needs, he takes no more. He does not dwell on this nor weep tears for his prey, but neither does he try to cause his dinner suffering.

    Humans try to cause suffering to each other daily - with words, little power struggles at work or home... we do it without killing or eating and we do it with killing and eating.

    I have no problem with the eagle and I have no problem with the person who eats meat - as long as the animal he/she eats had a good happy life and as swift clean death as possible.

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    This issue always leads me back to Native American ways - they prayed first and asked for guidance, hunted for food and nothing was wasted, and gave gratitude, always gratitude. A life of harmony between earth and all creatures. koko


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