Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why Ordinary?

All my life, I have dreamed of a place like Ordinary. A place where people live in perfect harmony with one another and the Earth. For a long time, I thought of this place as Utopia--a place I could go to in dreams, and never in reality.

After the events of 9-11, and again when our government declared war on Iraq, I began to spend a few moments every day visualizing a world at peace. At times it was very difficult. I felt so angry. It is hard to visualize peace when one is consumed with anger.

A wise woman once said, "Use your anger. Put it on your back and let it drive you."

While I do not wish to be driven by anger, I understand that anger can be a useful motivator. My anger made me more determined to be part of the solution. If I am to live in a peaceful world, I must imagine what that world would be.

Nothing is realized without first being visualized.

So rather than imagining Utopia, I began to imagine a very ordinary village, one of thousands of villages all over the world, where people live in harmony and joy.

Smart people. Happy people. Talented people. Responsible people. Self-actualized people. People who have strength and wisdom and courage. Who trust their bodies and their minds and their creativity. People who savor each moment for the joy inherent. People fully alive and awake. People who sleep very, very well at night.

What would a world like that be? How would we support ourselves? What would our homes be like? What would be a typical day in a typical, very ordinary, village?

That is the vision of the Village of Ordinary.

This is an experiment in developing a community of ordinary people working toward a peaceful society much like the Village of Ordinary, where all live in harmony. I invite you to participate in the vision. Use the comments feature to join the discussion and submit links to articles that show how ordinary people are building Ordinary today. If you have more to say than a comment will hold, submit a guest blog post.

Updated 09/26/09 to reflect changes in the direction of the blog.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    This is Koko

    (I can't remember my password to sign in!)

    I just read your latest entry and wonder at how you were able to create suspense without violence of any kind. We are so used to this violent world, that we expect it, and conflict if the read is to be a good one. How refreshing that I felt the exhiliration I oft do when reading suspense, without the racing-heart-pounding-in-my-ears feelings. This makes me realize that in spite of the teaching that goof fiction cannot be written without conflict, you have done it.

  2. In my previous posting, which I can't seem to edit, I meant to say "This makes me realize that in spite of the teaching that GOOD fiction (not goof fiction)cannot be written without conflict, you have done it."


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